Orthopedic shoemaker

Orthopedic shoemaker

When arch supports are not a solution and the deviation of the foot or ankle is so important, orthopedic shoes can be made to measure. With these custom shoes you can improve walking comfort and regain your balance and stability with less pain, which benefits mobility.

Reimbursement of the mutual insurance company depends on the pathology and the intervention of the mutual insurance company takes place after a file has been submitted to the medical adviser of your mutual insurance company by the orthopedic shoemaker.

Dr De Rydt makes a prescription and the Rx’s are sent electronically to compile the reimbursement file.

A plaster cast of the foot is taken to make the mold. The orthosis or arch support, which is always incorporated in the shoe, ensures optimal comfort when walking.

The patient can choose the color and model of the shoe.

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