Orthopedic & medical center Hoeilaart
medical and paramedical

This medical center in Hoeilaart is a multidisciplinary center in full expansion and thanks to a pleasant medical facility and friendly staff, both patients and specialists will feel at home here.

Orthopedics/traumatology/back surgery, ENT and vascular surgery are currently consulting.

We continue to look for new colleagues with various specialisms who want practical space to be able to help you even better in Flemish Brabant.

We are available 24/7 for urgent orthopedic appointments.

You can schedule normal appointments on the appointment system.

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For all other appointments you can do this on our appointment system or by phone during opening hours on 02 657 66 67


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Dr. De Rydt
Dr. De RydtOrthopedic surgeon, traumatologist
Dr. Gunzburg
Dr. GunzburgOrthopedic back surgeon
Dr. Beyens
Dr. BeyensVascular surgeon
Dr. Holvoet
Dr. HolvoetENT surgeon
Dr. Oulad
Dr. OuladAnesthesist

Our Paramedical team

OMC Staff

Mr. NelenOrthopedic bandagist, prothetist
Mr. PauwelsOrthopedic shoemaker
IlseSecretary, nurse and administrative support
LauraMedical secretary

Our medical disciplines

  • Orthopedic consultations
  • Orthopedic emergencies
  • Back surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • ENT

Paramedical disciplines

  • Orthopedic bandagist
  • Orthopedic shoemaker
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The ortho medical center is expanding.

Are you a doctor looking for consultation space? Then contact Dr De Rydt Dirk

Patients can come to our multidisciplinary center for various physical and mental disorders. We offer modern, fully equipped, consultation rooms.

Want to work at the Ortho Medical Center?

Look for more information on the job page for the open vacancy.

Medical emergencies

Orthopedic emergencies are always accepted 24/7. Sport injuries, household accidents, traffic and work accidents are seen as urgent.

Due to the presence of RX, ultrasound and medical bandages, an efficient and fast treatment is possible.

For a medical emergency, it is best to make an appointment by phone.

Consultations with the various doctors can be recorded by making an appointment via our appointment system.
Click on the blue button “make an appointment” for this.

Or call us during opening hours Monday 8am – Friday 6pm

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