Ortho Medical Center

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Dr. De Rydt
Dr. De RydtOrthopedic surgeon, traumatologist
Dr. Beyens
Dr. BeyensVascular surgeon
Dr. Holvoet
Dr. HolvoetENT surgeon
Dr. Brouwers
Dr. BrouwersFysische geneeskunde & Revalidatie
Dr. Oulad
Dr. OuladAnesthesist

Ons Paramedisch team

OMC Medewerkers

Mr. NelenOrthopedic bandagist, prothetist
Mr. PauwelsOrthopedic shoemaker
IlseSecretary, nurse and administrative support
LauraMedical secretary
ChristianMedisch Secretaris

This medical center in Hoeilaart is in full expansion and currently offers consultations in orthopedics, ENT and vascular surgery. It specializes in addressing orthopedic and traumatic problems. It is led by Dr De Rydt orthopedic surgeon and is located in Flemish Brabant on the outskirts of Brussels.

In this orthopedic medical center the radiological images (RX) are taken on site during the orthopedic consultation and the treatment is also possible in case of emergency. The radiography is digitally developped with the latest technology from Fuji. When a plaster cast is required, this will be performed during the same consultation.

There are also consultations that are combined with an orthopedic bandagist (Matton orthopedie) and shoemaker (House of feet) to promote rehabilitation and motor skills. Recently, ENT, vascular surgery and backsurgery consultations have also been organized and we are looking for other specialties to strengthen our team.

Orthopedic Ultrasound in practice

Ultrasound orthopedic is a technique with sound waves to visualize joints, muscles and ligaments. This musculoskeletal ultrasound allows us to examine inflammation and damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

It is not only a good tool for research. It is also often used in treatment.

With an ultrasound-guided injection, we can follow the injection needle on the screen of the ultrasound machine. And make it very precise at the location of the ailment.

An ultrasound-guided injection is safer and more accurate than a ‘blind’ injection. Also, the results are often better.

Ultrasound Dopler allows to examine the blood vessels and is used by vascular surgery.

Our patients say

Un médecin comme il y en a peu. Professionnel, appliqué, a l ecoute.
Et d une patience avec les enfants.
Un service d urgence irréprochable.
Je le recommande a 2000%
Il a déjà soigne toute la famille 😉 ma maman, moi ,ma fille … au top


(Translated by Google) Excellent service! Doctor DE RYDT’s skills and availability will allow you to quickly forget about minor health problems thanks to a high-quality service. Very nice medical center.


Dr. De Rydt is steeds bereid om mensen te helpen. Hij doet dit telkens opnieuw met een bijzondere passie en toewijding. Meermaals stelde hij correcte diagnoses en vertaalde deze in een begrijpbare taal.