Orthopedic urgency available 24/7. Urgences in traumatology

URGENCY ORTHOPEDIC Call 02 657 66 67

Traumatological or orthopedic emergencies can be treated urgently in practice as the diagnosis can be made immediately due to the presence of digital radiography and ultrasound.

All necessary solutions are available for the treatment. There can be plastered, splinted and this from the neck to the toes. If an orthopedic procedure is required, this can be done immediately afterwards in the hospital.

For an emergency, please call us in advance on 02 657 66 67 so that we can accommodate you as soon as possible.

This service is provided during and outside opening hours as well as on weekends.

Call 02 657 66 67

Have you had a sports accident or car accident while traveling and do you need urgent orthopedic help?

Then contact us, even on weekends. We will help you.

We provide our patients with the best care.